I am feeling like a kid again. I’m so in love with beaches and beach waves.

Photo by: Cyl

This is our first out of town summer getaway together with my friends and newly found friends. Morong, Bataan is a well-known place because of their beaches and resorts one of them is PAMARTA BALI BEACH RESORT located at Nagpajo Crossing, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan.

Here are the four things you must try during your visit at the resort.



Who wouldn’t love playing volleyball wearing your sexiest bikini outfit under the sun while listening to the sound of the beach waves? Playing volleyball barefoot while running and jumping in the sand makes it more exciting. The best part best is it is a bonding session with your family or friends.


(There’s the Banana Boat behind my back)

Banana Boat is probably the most thrilling adventure ride. A 200php is equivalent to a 15-minute ride in the banana boat while the jet ski is at its high speed pulling it forward making you scream and shout. And for the climax the banana boat will upturn, that’s why wearing a life jacket is a must.




Island hopping is one of the best things you can do when you visit a beach resort. You wouldn’t want to miss the sound of the big waves, clear water, white sand and the beauty of the nature that will surely mesmerize you. It’s also a good place to take some selfies since you’ll visit different islands.



Snorkeling in the middle of the sea –  isn’t exciting? You can sea different kinds of sea corals and fishes, like what I’ve said, you wouldn’t want to miss it. You can see how friendly the little fishes are. You must try snorkeling or better yet scuba diving. You will surely be amazed by Mother Nature.

Free yourself from stress and make you most out of it.


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