Here we are in the Summer Capital of the Philippines – Baguio City. Here is a list of places and activities you can do when you visit Baguio City.



Apparently, Strawberry Farm is located in La Trinidad Valley, Benguet, 30 minutes away from Baguio City. What’s good about this place is there is no entrance fee in the farm itself but if you want to pick strawberries you’ll pay depending upon how many kilos of strawberries you picked, and what I love the most is there is a free taste ice cream for everyone.

•Strawberry Picking



Burnham Park is located at Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet. It was named after the American architect Daniel Hudson Burnham. There are a lot of fun activities for kids and adults.

What to do in Burnham Park?

•Bicycle Riding and Skateboarding


Whatever kind of bicycle you want to ride name it, they have it. Mountain bikes, three-wheeler bike, a bicycle with supporting wheels for starter and much more. There are also teens playing with their skateboards

•Boat Riding18882125_10209948985938206_5487806865188953907_n.jpg

2943_533972959966870_622206266_n.jpgRiding a boat in the manmade Burnham Lake, there are different types of boat you can choose like Winnie the pooh, swan, seahorse, duck.

•Enjoying the cold breeze of the wind

18839089_10209948978858029_8671902615541863747_nKids and adults can play along and enjoy the view without worrying about getting sweaty. You can also do picnics, tag along the play ground, running in the vast garden and smelling the fragrance of different kinds of flowers like roses, orchids and my favorite, sunflowers.




Wright Park is located at eastern part of the City. One of my favorite features of the Park is the “Pool of Pines” an elongated rectangular shape body of water located in front of the “The Mansion”. There are tall pine trees and street lamp posts on the both sides of the park which makes it more beautiful and elegant. You can also ride a horse and rent native Igorots dresses for pictures at Wright Park.

558105_534303423267157_971166243_n(Pool of Pines)

19489599_10208777654748360_852734917_n(Strawberry Taho)

19239644_10208730059318504_166170219_n(A butterfly and a yellow spider)

18920658_10209897834544709_9193868716310010250_n(Native Igorots dresses)

19433440_10208777654828362_641334697_n(Sky a Saint Bernard dog)


69636_533903979973768_1224815769_n(The Mansion)

Located along Leonard Road and in front of Wright Park. It has a beautiful garden and a well-manicured lawn. Inside the Mansion is a mini museum housing of different memorabilia and art works. It also serves as the official residence of the Philippines in Baguio City.



The most popular and most visited park in Baguio City. The park overlooks the mining town of Itogon on the observation deck. Its spectacular sights cannot me missed when visiting Mines View Park.

Along the entrance of the park are stalls and shops that sell different types of handicrafts, souvenirs, wood baskets, sweaters, shirts, blankets and other variety of items.

What I really look up to in Mines View Park are these:



It is usually the next stop for most visitors coming from Mines View Park. The store is known for different types of product or “pasalubong” made by the nuns. Most sought products are ube, strawberry and coco jam.

The proceeds they generated in the sale of their products are used for different charities sponsored by the Good Shepherd Convent and maintenance of the convent. At the end of the parking lot is an observation deck where one gets to see the Cordillera mountains and valley. The compound of the convent also has a garden with various plants and pine trees.

19433628_10208777654708359_1940892012_n(Good Shepherd Convent)











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