This is the part two of my MUST VISIT PLACES IN BAGUIO CITY but this time I’ll focus on local pasalubongs and souvenirs you can buy.

What’s the best thing i love about traveling is food and souvenirs. Each town in the Philippines offers local delicacies and products.



Candy boogers? One of the famous pasalubong you can buy in Baguio City.


The most affordable pasalubong you can give to your friends.


Mines View Park is famous because of their cactus, a beautiful masterpiece of the mother nature.


Usually visitors loves to buy flowers like me and bring it at home to add another touch to our garden.


Not your usual type of taho because it has flavors like strawberry and ube. Also, it has strawberry bits that adds a special taste to the taho.


The most famous product of Baguio City is Strawberries. The sweet and sour taste of it is the reason why every tourist love this fruit.


540159_533931296637703_1303337590_nDifferent variety of local delicacies and products like ube jam, strawberry jam, peanut brittle, walis tambo, crinkles, choco flakes, lengua de gato and etc.

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