From teenage life to adulting life. Now that I’ve reached the age of twenty I’ve realized so many things about life. There are “what ifs” or regrets and there are “gladly I did this”.

DSC_0127 - Copy - Copy

I’m so thankful for the two decades of my existence in this world. I’m so blessed to experience this kind of life. I’m so happy for the life God has given me.

I’m happy and contented on what life has offered me, the fact that I get what I want, I eat what I want, I do what I want, and I study in the school I want. I’m thankful for the experiences my parents taught me.

I’m the “masunurin” type of daughterIf my parents say “no” then it’s a no, I won’t do it especially when it’s about “gala”. Everyone knows that parents know what’s best for their sons and daughters, what’s good and what’s bad and I didn’t regret following their instructions. I’m also the “pasaway” type, not that rule breaker but the “mapang inis” . I love to tease my parents.

I may not be the perfect or ideal daughter my parents wished for but I’m giving my 100% to be the best daughter they’ll have.


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